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Banking And Financial  

Banking Services - Multiplying transactions

This decade has seen two major changes in the Banking industry.

Advent of the ATM/Internet has reduced the competitive advantage of bigger Banks in terms of higher physical presence.

The distinction between the Banks and Financial service organization has vanished as Banks have matured into a complete personal finance institutions providing bouquet of financial services under one umbrella.

These shifts in the Banking industry have two major implications on the operational model of the Banks:

Banks need to look for multiple and alternate channels to engage the customer by providing him/her with value added services.

Banks need to look for innovative means of reducing the transaction costs the per- customer transactions have increased, as Banks are
providing multiple services under one roof.

Why Mobile Messaging becomes crucial in Banking Services?

Cost Effective: Mobile messaging helps Banks provide value added services at a marginal cost

Targeted: Specific message are conveyed based on the customer profile

Anywhere/Anytime: Mobile is almost always with the customer.

Personal: Highly effective as communication to an individual

Automated: Automatic relay of critical information

Bouquet of mobile messaging Services

Information Broadcast

• Changes in policy affecting the consumer, e.g. Interest rate.

• Communication about major event, e.g. Branch opening

Scheduled Narrowcast

• Daily/Weekly reminders of account balances.

• Monthly status of reward points.

• Reminder of EMI payments, Bill payments.

• Send monthly applicable Bank charges.

Event Triggers

• Balance below a specified limit.

• Salary credit/ Cheque deposit in the bank.

• Credit limit exceeded.

• Cheque bounce/honour alert.

Register Enquiry

• Enquire account balance.

• Report lost/stolen card.

• Issue stop payment notice.

• Enquire loan/credit status.

• Enquire exchange rates.

• Order cheque book.

Mobile messaging provides a cost effective means to engage a customer and build a long-term relationship.