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Enterprise Mobile Messaging
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Benefits and Usage

Why Partner with us

URBAN IT Partner Program's objective is to leverage strengths of URBAN IT and its Partners.

The Partner Program helps URBAN IT and its Partners achieve quick growth in the business of providing mobile data services to customers.

Types of Partners

Channel Partners

URBAN IT Channel Partners lead our sales initiatives by adding value to our solutions with enhanced customer service and support, systems integration and complementary products.

URBAN IT offers an attractive proposition to Channel Partners to enable them to get good returns in a short period. Please write to get more information about our Channel Partner Program.

OE Partners

Software companies that use our mobility infrastructure for the purpose of message delivery for their standard products. Companies having products for ERP, CRM, Service and other industries can provide SMS module in their products. For more information, write at

Mobile Marketing Partners

These Partners communicate with large number of consumers through direct contact or through print, electronic or outdoor media. These include advertising agencies, direct marketing organizations, event marketing and PR firms.

Our versatile products will enable Mass Touch Partners to carry out campaigns, contests, loyalty program management, running SMS help desk etc. on their own, at their premises. Please write at to share your requirements.

Technology Partners

These Partners have complementary products and working with them new value added products can be developed.

These include organizations that are into consulting business. Those with some new product concepts involving data transfer on mobile networks, please write at