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Enterprise Mobile Messaging
Desktop Mobile Messaging
Benefits and Usage
UrbanIT (UMG®)  

The UrbanIT Message Gateway® (UMG®)

UrbanIT flagship product, the UrbanIT Message Gateway® (UMG®) comes with a world class Short Message Peer Protocol (SMPP) server with capabilities of 2000 SMS per second.

UrbanIT’s SMPP Gateway allows multiple SMPP clients applications be connected to a single aggregated point. This highly scaleable Server can be positioned between the operator's message center and the applications requiring messaging access to the end-user wireless devices.

Enterprise Messaging:

By deploying mobile messaging services, supported by the UMGtm enterprises across the globe can tap the potential of mobile messaging services for the following benefits:

1. Reduce communication costs

2. Improve turnaround time

3. Expand reach

4. Improve efficiency and

5. Enhance transparency

Desktop Messaging:

UrbanIT Message Centre (UMCtm) is a desktop application for sending SMS and managing contacts. It is designed to deliver SMS in a fast and efficient manner from a Personal Computer.

This product has been designed keeping in mind the messaging needs of the SME segment. The software allows users to import contact numbers and message texts from existing files for efficient messaging.

Mobile Marketing:

UrbanIT provides a platform to advertising and direct marketing companies to carry out in-house mobile marketing campaigns for their clients.

UrbanIT provides an end-to-end service including the ability to run inbound (Pull), outbound (Push) and combination of Push/Pull or Pull/Push campaigns.

UrbanIT provides software applications and access to its infrastructure. Alternatively,

UrbanIT also helps agencies conceive and run the campaigns by leasing out its infrastructure.

Short Code Services:

Short Code is typically a 4 digit number which is accessible by subscribers of any mobile operator. UrbanIT mobile messaging platform is integrated with nationwide short code, used where the recall value is important.

It is used for encouraging pull from the consumers. Short Code services can be used by maketing companies to run contests and generate leads.

APIs for Developers:

Software product companies and websites can take connectivity with carrier-grade SMS gateway from UrbanIT. It allows them to send global SMS messages in minutes.

UrbanIT offers simple connectivity to its SMS servers through a range of API interfaces. APIs enable users to send and receive SMS, check credits and fetch delivery reports.

UrbanIT also allows software companies to do multiple user management on its server. Coupled with its reliable and high throughput messaging infrastructure, UrbanIT offers some of the most competitive prices in the industry.


A high quality email-to-SMS service for enterprises.

This UrbanIT service is typically used for alerts and notifications related to maintenance of mission critical servers or for crucial email information to be made available on the go on mobile phones.

The service comes with a web-based dashboard for authentication and configuration.

Remote Control:

The UrbanIT Message Center also includes modules for Remote Control, Management & Monitoring of remote systems Via SMS.

Remote systems can be started, operated, activated or shut down, backups initiate, critical processes monitored/controlled, SNMP Traps SMS Enabled etc by SMS.

These are complimentary programs to many network & system monitoring applications.

System Monitoring;

Focus on supporting your users while the UrbanIT service does the monitoring of mission critical systems and watch out for internal security breaches for you.

We SMS enable Data Center monitoring systems by converting the system’s email alerts for changes in environment variables or movements in the center to SMS alerts and send to the configured administrators.

This ensures administrators are aware of such changes and can take any required corrective action as and when such adverse changes occur. This feature works for any device that generates SNMP/eMail traps

With an effective program and quick notifications, monitoring security attacks and critical systems is much easier for administrators.